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I'm a baby boomer with minimal computer skills, yet I'm building a website that I believe will provide a valuable service and a generous income. I'm actually able to communicate with web designers & optimizer's. In my case the goal is a site utilizing many of my creative and business skills, while promoting the lost art of sewing.

After researching several website building programs, I was totally confused. I finally decided on Sitebuildit!, mainly because they teach you from the beginning. They assume you don't know what business you want to be in, or can't decide which of many ideas to go with; then they help you build a business and a website that gets traffic. Building a website is only half of it, it’s getting the traffic that’s the tricky part.

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Sitebuildit is a Win-WIn

Now, I'm setting up merchant links that will add income and Sitebuildit! is paying me to tell my story on my own website. They want more stories and will pay you, too. I'm very excited about all the possibilities. You can even coach other sitebuildit! customers by phone, and be paid by the hour.

I liked watching the online videos and all the illustrations. Once I had viewed them a couple of times, I started putting them on when I was doing chores, and the time flew by. I actually looked forward to chores. The videos inspire and give encouragement while opening a whole new world on the internet.

Over my 30 years in business, I thought I had it all figured out, but this education is absolutely necessary in order to be successful in today's competitive world. Competing in the world economy through many of my own internet businesses is an incredibly exciting opportunity. Empowering and an equal opportunity.

Challenging the mind to keep good mental health was another reason for my choice. It would take 4 yrs and a lot of money to get this kind of complete education in a traditional college. I watched the videos and read the forums in every spare moment for awhile, and within about a month I had a good solid start on the website progress, and a greater understanding of the web. Learned words like spidering, mother Google, Alexa, etc. Did you know you can view all the top rated sites and statistics at I've already been rewarded in so many ways. I'm actually teaching my teens a few things about the internet, and encouraging friends and family to build a site so they can have checks coming to their home or by Paypal. What could be better? A chance to be creative with a realistic chance of success. If you break a leg, it won't stop the income.

Build A Store From Your Home is building a store that consists of wholesale sewing supplies, sewing books, etc. This is just one of many ways to build service to customers and income to your business. Income can also be increased through affiliates, merchant links, Google adsense, and many other avenues. It's all a win-win.

I believe sitebuildit! and the owner Ken Evoy, have the highest of standards, integrity, knowledge and support in the industry. Wouldn't take a chance putting them on if there was any doubt about their standards. As Sitebuildit! would say, build "outstanding" websites.

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These videos are of people from all walks of life sharing their Solo Build It stories. It's time to regroup, retrain, and go out there and do it, or in this case, stay at home and do it, but build a website around your knowledge or passion. Maybe both. Grab your favorite drink and enjoy!

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