Sewing Tutorials

Sewing Tutorials

Full details on "How to Make A Dress" (Including Little Red Riding Hood)

Full Details & Photos on how to "Make A Poodle Skirt"

How to Make a Cape (reversible)

Full details on How to Make a Cape

How to Make an Apron

Full details & photos on "How to make an Apron"

Coming Soon

Hope you enjoy the videos, but if you are going to make any of these garments, I would like to encourage you to review the written version of these videos for full details and extra photos and tips. There is much more to be said that isn't practical to review in the video.

Soon the new video we've been talking about will be out. This video is about 10 minutes, and starts with Sierra on an old retro phone, dressed with a 50's teen kinda look. She's excited, as she discusses an upcoming party and what dress she's going to buy, with her friend. A bit uncontrolled she yells out with attitude to her mom, "can I get a new dress for the party".Instead of an answer, she gets fabric thrown at her. The 50's teen (Sierra), then says "WHAT'S THIS"?, with attitude. She then gets a pattern package (Simplicity Costumes #5404) thrown at her. At that point she gets the picture, and tells her caller she has to go make a poodle skirt. Her rebellious attitude says "I'll make a skirt all right, but I'm NOT putting a poodle on it, and it will be SHORT!

At this point the rebellious teen (Sierra) starts reading the pattern and getting started. Her attitude slowly changes as she redesigns and creates this new masterpiece. She starts to feel real good about it, even proud. She then models the skirt in an instant with a little magic from Sky behind the camera.

Be sure to tune in. It will be announced on Sewing Blog here at retrosewing, as well as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. All in this fun retro style.

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