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The most important thing about sewing machines, is to have one that works. If you already own one, and it works, then you can learn with that. If you outgrow it for any reason, go to a sewing store that sells machines and learn about the options.

I purchased the sewing machine pictured here. It's a Viking Emerald 122/118/116 (Husqvarna). This one is about $340 and can handle heavy fabric, like coats, leather, etc. If you're planning to sew heavy things eventually, and are looking for a new one in this price range, then this is the best thing going in my opinion. So far I've had no problems.

Try and get one that does NOT have plastic parts. I went through two $99 Singers in the last couple of years. I tried to sew fleece and leather, and it was too much for it. I decided to upgrade to a machine that would handle almost everything. Even sewing small things like throw pillows can be a problem with plastic parts. You are sewing through two layers of very likely heavy fabric, plus pillow stuffing could get in there.

Used Sewing Machines: I've heard of some great deals on used machines. As low as $20 at thrift stores. Ask the clerk to plug it in for you to make sure it works, and make sure the necessary parts are there.

Check out the internet, and visit a store that sells machines so you can can idea of what's on the market. Decide what's necessary for you, then go forward from there.

Check out this demo

This is a great demonstration. Everything from basic to advanced are discussed. Very informative and easy to understand.

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