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What Kind of Business?

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Sewing Business-With sewing on the rise, it may be the right time for sewing enthusiast to start a sewing business. This is the place to explore all the possibilities. Here's a few ideas to start.

*Build a website Using Sitebuildit! like I did

*Build a Blog for Adsense

*Sew Original Designs to Resell

*Set up an E-Bay Store

*Launch your own line

The possibilities are endless and it's rewarding to create something from nothing.

With the internet, the whole world is literally at your finger tips. Join in the fun, and make money in the process. Plan your retirement, or whatever your goals are, then make them happen by building a website business around it.

Business Cost

This is an exciting time, because you can start an online sewing business or any business without investing huge amounts of money. It wasn't that long ago that when you started a business you needed lots of cash for a down payment on inventory or rent for the business location. With an internet business, there's little cash investment. Here are the expenses you're likely to have for an internet business. They are approximate, but close.

Domain Name: $10 to $30 per yr

Hosting: $10 per mo appx

Tools: Priceless

Education: Priceless

Sitebuildit $30 monthly for name, host, tools, education, and much more.

Appx $300 per year will take care of just about everything you could need to build a successful website.
As I continue to sew and redesign my wardrobe, using old clothes, sheets, napkins, etc, I'll be posting my progress for all to see. I'm also building a business. The business of, where I will build traffic by offering excellent content, then use some of my space for ads. I'll be posting my progress of this business and others in the industry.

Check my sewing blog or subscribe for updates on progress.

Checks in the Mail

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Just imagine receiving checks for your sewing business. These days many prefer to be paid through Pay Pal or automatic transfer, because it's instant, but you can request checks in the mail if you prefer.

Most companies, such as E-Bay, Google Adsense, Click Bank, Sitebuildit, etc, will pay once or twice a month. It adds up real quick, just like when the money goes out, it adds up, the same thing occurs when the monies come in. Start building your income.

Work From Home

Working from home really can be as good as it looks in this illustration. Put a lap top in place of the book, and we're there.

I started working from home when I got pregnant with my first daughter 22 years ago. I was a stay at home mom, up to my neck in the real estate business with my husband. Real Estate of many sorts. My husband also worked from home much of the time, so we had a lot of time with our girls, and a very close relationship with each other, not to mention lots to talk about. No gas, restaurants, office politics, tiny paychecks, commuting, etc. That leaves more time and money for business and pleasure. It may not be for everyone, but it's one way to make sure you're never out of a job. When you're the boss, you can't be fired.

Living My Passion

In my 30 years of business experience, this is the first time, I've built a business around my personal passions. It's always been about a real estate project, or a business related to the real estate, but never a personal passion like sewing or fashion design. I always enjoyed the business part, but this time, I really wanted to experience something that was purely mine.

To have a business that was designed around my interests was a hard concept to grasp at first. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was out of time, and it was time to put my money where my mouth is.

It's all in the execution as they say! Could I execute my ideas from my brain to reality?

Could I do it with the resources I already have?

This webiste is about my attempt to try. Rather I succeed or not is yet to be seen, but I'm having great time until then.

Can I offer a valuable service to my community and the world?

Did I build a retirement income? Did I build an income today? So far, NO, but it's starting to happen and I'm an optimist, so I'm confident it will work out. The key is to keep going until it is successful!

These are the questions that are yet to be answered, although I'm loving the process so far.

Bringing back the art of sewing?

Bringing back the art of sewing is a trend I would love to be a part of.

Much of the the last generation missed out on having a sewing machine in the house. "Fashion Timeline" shows that sewing was popular up until the mid 1970's. With all the clothing choices on the market, and more women working outside the home, sewing was viewed as more of a chore, then a hobby or a career.

With influences like Project Runway and the internet, sewing and design are climbing in popularity again. People want to create things again. I think it's part of the high touch, high tech thing we are experiencing. The more high tech we get, the more we have a need to offset that with touchy feelie things like fabrics. This is my theory anyway. That's where and other sewing sites come in.

Let's create things again.

Lets design from our own imaginations.

Let's develop skills good for life.

Let's teach and spread the good news about sewing and design to others.

Theirs actually a practical side too. To make, mend, redesign, or recreate anything made of fabric.


Sitebuildit helped me to decide how to get over the hump and go forward. I liked watching the videos and building right along side of it. The whole story about how I built, and decided on a sewing business, is on my sitebuildit story, which you can get to by clicking the footer at the bottom of the page.

My Sitebuildit! Story

Contacting the World

Imagine the whole world at your fingertips literally.

Thanks to all the visitors from these countries for visiting


1 United States

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We can communicate our ideas and passions to the world, and visitors come. It's really empowering for us all.

This is how I built

After watching this video, learn more about my sewing business by checking out my personal story. My Sitebuildit! Story

Create A Sewing Business

If you would like to know more about the specifics of starting a sewing business, you can learn from an expert in the field of actually running a sewing business. Her name is Patty, and she is an SBIER like myself. That means she used Solo Build It to build her website business as well. We SBIERS have a lot in common because we live by Solo Build It standards, which is like the Google of website builders, and we are a proud bunch. You can see Patty's whole story at
Create a Sewing Business

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