With Polyvore sets, create your dreams. Retosewing.net sets are everything from dreams as a young girl, to Hollywood parties in the 1940's . It's almost always centered around fashion from the past. That's why retrosewing was born, and now showing the vision. Soooo fun!

Here's some retrosewing creations.

You design magazine pages, fashions, interiors, exteriors, landscapes, whatever you can imagine; even your dreams. Use the thousands of photos available or download your own.

It's an absolute blast for someone that loves designing and getting creative without the technical learning curve, Especially if you're not a Photoshop expert.

The links at the bottom of each of these sets leads you to Polyvore and the content of the set. These sets are an accumulation of many photos submitted, by other Polyvorians, as well as retrosewing.net.

Fashions Dancing in My Dreams
Fashions Dancing in My Dreams by retrosewing.net

Click Here to view the many retro and vintage sets from Retrosewing.net

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