Period Pieces

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This period piece that was popular a few years ago. "Pleasantville" (1998): Starring Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire. It's about two modern-day siblings who get stuck in a black and white 1950s sitcom. Once they get into sitcom world, the wardrobe design is absolutely perfect for the time period. The stockings, sneakers, tight knit sweaters, flared skirts, dresses, and pointy bras… all there! Great place to look for very traditional small-town 1950s fashion.

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"The Cat's Meow" (2001): Set in the 1920s, starring Kirsten Dunst and Edward Herrmann, this period piece is an excellent depiction of fashion in the 1920s. Very heavy on the wardrobe and hairstyles of the '20s flappers, the film also depicts the fashions of vamps, men, and different age groups during the decade. It's a very fun, visually stimulating film to watch with excellent attention to detail when it comes to wardrobe.

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"Atonement" (2007): Set in 1930s England, "Atonement" not only makes an excellent depiction of upper-class fashion in the 1930s, but also impacted modern-day audiences. After the film's release, women were harassing designers to make them affordable versions of the green dress that Keira Knightley wore in the film.

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