How to Make A Poodle Skirt

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This 1950s Poodle Skirt is made out of felt, but this Simplicity pattern can be used to make skirts of all kinds, and out of all types of fabric.

In this example, a quick and easy costume is put together with Velcro instead of a zipper or a waistband closure. Since it is felt there is no hem.

Felt was used in the 50's because it was easy to embellish the skirt with applique's like kitty's & Poodles. After WWII textiles became plentiful and a full skirt like this was a way of dressing over the top. It was a new day, and it showed in the fashion.

Check out pattern sizes and styles below, for children, adults and even babies. Also crinolins, accessories, poodle skirts for poodles (dog), and doll clothes, among other things can be found below.

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