How to Make A Hat

Since the holidays are here, it made sense to start this "How to Make a Hat" page with a Santa hat. Hats can be complicated and sophisticated, or they can be simple and practical. Throughout the year this page will cover some of the easier hats to make.

how to make a hat

Make Santa Hat

Making a hat can sound intimidating, but hats can be some of the easiest sewing projects. Such as the Santa hat above. Cut, sew a seam, add the fur and the little white ball at the top, and your done.

Using the same idea, make a ski hat for the snow. Much of it comes down to the fabric. Faux fur, fleece, or something warm and maybe even lined. Use the same pattern or concept as the Santa hat, only round the top to the curve of the head wearing it.

Much more on hat making throughout the year.

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