Bulldog Photos

Bulldog Photos Growing Up

I'm so cute I got a whole page dedicated to bulldog photos of me and the story of my life. I am actually an "Olde English Bulldogge".

  This is me at 2 months old.

This is me and my uncle Cody Christmas 2010 modeling Christmas hats for a page here on RetroSewing called make a Santa hat.

This was just last Christmas. I love sleeping under the Christmas tree in my Santa Hat.

My Friends

We didn't always get along. In the beginning it was rough. This big bad kitty didn't like me at all,

Now he sleeps in my bed and we are best buddies.

I'm not a baby anymore. I'm a smart mature Olde English Bulldogge.

My Career


I'm a working bulldog and this is just one of the many photos I've modeled in for how to make a dog bomber jacket.  I really enjoy all the attention and treats I get when I work.

I've always dreamed of having a bomber jacket and finally I got one. Lots of details about how to make this bomber jacket on how to make a bomber jacket.

Movie Star

Yes I said movie star.  I played the family dog in a movie called "Finn Stein".  I had everyone waiting on my every move. It was a lot of fun.

Favorite Sports

I love to play with my skateboard, and I love chewing my skateboard.

My favorite thing these days is taking a nice long nap.

There are so many bulldog photos of me. This is only the beginning. If you'd like to subscribe to RetroSewing with only your email, you will be notified when the movie about my life comes out.  Also a video about the making of the bomber jacket.

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