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Apron Patterns & How to Make an Apron

How to Make an Apron Video

In just a couple minutes this apron video will show you how an apron is created.

YourApron Patterns have come a long way since the good old days. Although there are many adorable retro inspired aprons, most of them look nothing like they did before the 80's. They were usually basic and simple.

They're fun to make because you can sew them up out of scraps in a short time. If you're having a party and have nothing to wear, you can really dress up a pair of jeans with a cute apron. If you really want to play it up, add a polka dot headband, pearls and some red lipstick.

Retro Apron

This is my kitchen, and favorite apron. As you can see, it's in front of my retro inspired kitchen. I had my brother customize the stove area with some beefed up molding and this beautiful three oven stove, but that's another story.

I found this cute apron in a kitchen store in my home town. I paid $40 for this one. If I had made it myself, using scraps out of my fabric stash, or even old clothing, it would of cost 0. I do appreciate the beauty and creativity by others, and like to support those making a living with their creativity, especially when it inspires me, which this apron does. 

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