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Hi, my name is Pam. Grab your favorite drink and take a moment to get to know more about us. You'll find more about me, my sewing experience, hobbies, and interests outside of sewing, as well as about other contributors.

Sewing is finally coming back and is on the rise. I hope to bring a fresh approach, by using videos and eye popping photos in easy step by step instructions. Then I added a little blast from the past to lighten it up. Hope you enjoy!

Why Sewing? 1950s Party Guitar Cake

My daughter, Sky Tallone, has contributed content and given me some great input for RetroSewing. She graduated from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, earning her BFA in directing and screenwriting. She's a passionate writer, actor, and filmmaker. She's an ambitious young lady living and pursuing her dreams, and she's always willing to help this very proud mom when I need it. CONTACT: NightSkySF@gmail.com


My youngest daughter, Sierra, now 21, models many of the clothes for the sewing projects here at RetroSewing. She's also starring or sewing in many of the videos. She's a beginner with little sewing experience, but is learning while earning some extra cash.

She has great advice, design ideas on the clothes, and suggestions for the business, not to mention lots of computer help. She's in her 3rd year at San Francisco State University. I'm a very proud mom.

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