1970s Movies

1970s movies include, "Saturday Night Fever" (1977): John Travolta had originally wanted to wear a black suit, but the designer on the project thought that white would make him stand out more under the disco ball. Travolta's white disco suit in "Saturday Night Fever" created a craze of men in polyester, tight colorful suits, platform shoes, open collars and gold medallions over bare chests.

Another famous 1970s movie was, "Annie Hall" (1977): Diane Keaton's style in "Annie Hall"; complete with vest, hat, baggy pants, tie and men's shoes; definitely made its mark in fashion history. After the film was released, women were out buying their own neckties, not at department stores, but thrift stores. The film also renewed the popularity of women's slacks that was originally triggered by Katharine Hepburn in the '30s. The head of wardrobe on the film wasn't crazy about the look when Keaton walked on set, but Director Woody Allen said, "She's a genius. Let's just leave her alone. Let her wear what she wants." Her ability to make masculinity cool and sexy was inspirational for women everywhere.

(no photo)"The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968): When Steve McQueen appeared in this film in sexy tailored three-piece suits, British menswear became in high demand in American stores for the first time. The suits were tailored by Douglas Hayward, and English designer who continues to inspire American designers to this day.

1970s movies also inclue (no photo)"Shaft" (1971): Richard Roundtree, a former model, became a fashion icon for working-class black men all over the country after his starring role in "Shaft". During the rise of urban chic, Roundtree's sleek and very cool style definitely made its mark on the world of male fashion. Thanks to Shaft; long leather jackets, leather pants, tight-knit sweaters and turtlenecks became necessary garb for a 1970s badass.

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