1970s Fashion

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Caption in Ad "Back Then Education taught men to run the world, and women to run the house"

1970s fashion started with the same attitude as the 60s: restless, pessimistic, refusing authority, and questioning social hierarchies. This Virginia Slims ad was a way for women to fight for independence. Obviously we've learned of the health hazards of smoking since then, but the ad is a sign of the times and the way women were thinking at the time. No more just running of the house.

In terms of 1970s fashion, we were still very flamboyantly expressive. The unisex protest look became high fashion. The fashions of the youth at this time were anti-fashion. The unisex look began as a protest, but when Rudi Gernreich released a line of unisex clothing which envisioned a world without gender distinctions, it became a huge trend.

Social milestones such as civil rights, women’s liberation, gay liberation, and the environmental movement, continued to shape the fashions of the decade. The blue jeans trend began at the end of the ‘60s, and really took off in the ‘70s with designer jeans. They became the universal standard for the younger generations. They were torn, ragged, dirty, covered in patches and political slogans, jeans were an anti- fashion statement. Due to energy shortages, people were forced to restrain themselves and had to ration their funds. People were dressing down not only as a statement for “anti-fashion”, but they simply couldn’t afford to spend money on high fashion garments.

The political protest movements of the ‘60s were running out of steam, and became more of a focus on our own lifestyles. We were tired, and sick of hearing bad news. The Vietnam War, Watergate, the oil crisis, and the recession was making people question American democracy. People were no longer convinced that it worked. Rather than protesting about what they saw on the news, people were just avoiding watching it altogether. The “anti-fashion” looks were less of a statement like in the ‘60s, and more of a cool trend.

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