1960s Fashion

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1960s Fashion

When we think of 1960s fashion, we picture lots of color, flowers, tie-dye, and loose-fitting cottons. However, the 60s didn’t begin with color. The fashions at the start of the decade were dull, plain, and better suited for older people. It wasn’t until boutiques arrived, selling cheap and colorful clothes for younger consumers, that the fun fashions began to surface.

The 1960s also brought us leather boots, mini skirts, and false eyelashes became standard. The “bouffant” look, carried over from the 50s, was still popular. The “beehive” hairstyle became popular in the early 60s, and other hair styles which resulted in very teased, very tall hair.

The 1960s were also the start of a big drug community, when people were open about smoking weed and taking hits of acid. It wasn’t just a recreational activity, but an entire culture, which affected the fashions and trends. The “beatnik” style became popular in the early 60s as well, which largely consisted of black slacks, dark glasses, float shoes, and black berets.

In 1964, we were introduced to the styles of the “space age”. We were experimenting with different materials such as metal, plastic, and leather. Metallic and neon colors were everywhere.

In 1965, “Op art” became another trend, which used a lot of geometric shapes and contrasting colors to create optical illusions. Mini skirts became a lot shorter. In 1966, it was all about psychedelic clothing. Bold and vivid “acid colors” were used. Men started dressing more “fancy”, largely due to the rise of The Beatles.

In 1967, we were experimenting with more fashions from other cultures. The Oriental look became a big hit, as well as styles from Africa and the Middle East. The Vietnam War had younger people caring about politics more than ever, as they were being sent to war and losing loved ones. People were beginning to realize that the war war wrong, and so began the hippie movement and the fight for peace. At the end of the 60s, we transition fully into the Hippie look. Long skirts and dresses, long hair, body and face paint. It wasn’t just about fashion, it was about making a statement. 1960s fashion history was as influential is the rest if not more.

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