1950s Fashion

After World War II, 1950s fashion experienced drastic change. A tailored, feminine look with accessories like gloves and pearls became the trend of the decade.

The 1950s were a time of fear and paranoia, when everyone had to be careful about coming off like a Communist. The fear of Communists became a witch hunt, and any conspicuous activity was questioned. People were dressing more conservatively, strictly following the trends and trying not to stand out. Pencil skirts, swing skirts, and poodle skirts were also popular. Peter Pan collars, shirt dresses, bolero jackets, bobby socks, high-cuffed jeans, petticoats, short haircuts and bouffant hairstyles were some of the trends in the 1950s.

For the first time, the country was enjoying a huge amount of choice and selection in their fashions due to the mass manufacturing that was now in full swing.

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