1950s Movies

Influenced Fashions of the Day

....................Rebel Without A Cause

1950s movies include, "Rebel Without A Cause" (1955): Around this time, Hollywood fell in love with heroic non-conformists, rugged rebels, and individualists. James Dean's wardrobe from "Rebel Without A Cause", specifically his red jacket, will go down in history forever, and actually influenced Michael Jackson's wardrobe in "Thriller". James Dean became the definition of cool, and the look of a rebel was suddenly what everyone was going for.

.................Rear Window

1950s movies have been remade, such as(Above)"Rear Window" (1954): Grace Kelly's high-class style in this Hitchcock classic was owed to designer Edith Head, who made Kelly the most chic movie star of the 1950s. From the lax green skirt suit to the long black dress, she pulled off the look beautifully. It was an image that inspired working girls everywhere to reclaim their thrones as high-class women.

.....................And God Created Woman

(Above)"And God Created Woman" (1956): This film had a large part in bringing sex back to fashion in the 1950s. When actress Brigitte Bardot went nude for a sunbathing scene, she became a rebellious sexual icon. The bikini she wore in the film was hugely popular after the film's release, as well as her beach dresses, ballerina-style shoes, and plunging necklines.

...........Auntie Mame

Another one of the famous 1950s movies was,(Above)"Auntie Mame" (1958): Rosalind Russel goes wild with fashion in this 1950s movie, wearing outlandish and unique costumes to embody a character who's all about fashion. Her style for the character later inspired many clothing designers.

(no photo)"Pat and Mike" (1952): Katharine Hepburn's rather masculine look in this comedy revolutionized the way women looked, not only at fashion, but at themselves. Hepburn broke all the rules when she dressed very much like a man; wearing high-waisted trousers, men's shoes, men's shirts, and pantsuits. She claimed that she preferred dressing that way off set too, because it was more comfortable. Women were opening their minds to living more comfortably, and consequently, more actively.

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