1940s Movies


1940s movies include, "Casablanca" (1943): One of the most famous films of all time had a huge impact on the world of cinema, and also played its role in the world of fashion. Humphrey Bogart of course always looks good, and his suave laid-back style and attitude had men clamoring for their own versions of the famous Bogart detective hat. Actress Ingrid Bergman also sported a very professional look, but made it her own. Her collared shirts, jackets, and pencil skirts were balanced out beautifully by subtle and classy jewelry that made her look just elegant.

"The Maltese Falcon" (1941): The epitome of film noir, "The Maltese Falcon" is the film to watch for the fashions of the classic detective story. Humphrey Bogart, always being a fashion icon, made trench coats traditional garb for movie detectives. Mary Astor plays the infamous sexy lady in distress, and dresses to fit the part. This is the movie to watch for film noir fashion.

"Woman of the Year" (1942): Katherine Hepburn was already a fashion icon, but her role in one of several, "Woman of the Year" forever changed the way women wear pants. She had such a sophisticated and elegant style, yet still seemed to always be comfortable. Her preference for high-waisted pants, suit jackets, and pencil skirts made women less afraid of dressing a bit masculine. Hepburn's empowering style and attitude made masculine look elegant, and made women feel powerful. Because this new style was being introduced by such a strong and iconic woman, women were anxious to follow her example.

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