1930s Movies

Letty Lynton

(Above)"Letty Lynton" (1932): 1930s movies like this one with Joan Crawford's very serious and seductive look in "Letty Lynton" had a huge impact on the way women dressed. The famous white dress she wore later sold to over a million women. Adrian, the designer on the project, also put her in broad-shouldered suits that accentuated her athletic shape, and put shoulder pads in high demand all over the country.

It Happened One Night

(Above) "It Happened One Night" (1934): Clark Gable changed men's clothes forever. After the film was released, trenchcoats and v-neck sweaters rose in popularity. In the film, Clark Gable takes off his shirt in a scene, with no undershirt underneath. After that, men's undershirt sales plummeted. The undergarment industry went to Hollywood and begged them to put Clark Gable in a film wearing and undershirt to help their sales… and they did, in "Idiot's Delight" in 1939.

(No Photo) "Freaks" (1932): This cult classic is made up of characters of all shapes and sizes, but the award for most fashionable must go to actress Olga Baclanova, who plays an evil and manipulative performer. Her character may be evil, but definitely fashionable and the definition of classy, wearing multi-strand pearls, long evening gowns, and short blond locks.

(no photo) "The Gold Diggers of 1935" (1935): Director Busby Berkeley was known for going to great lengths to achieve a specific visual style, and fashion played a huge role in the look of this slightly abstract piece.

(no photo)"Angels with Dirty Faces" (1938): In this classic mobster flick, while the women are in their most fashionable attire, it's the men who steal the show with their style. These dangerous mobsters are sporting crisp tuxedos and suits, which helped build the mafia image in this intense classic. Another example of the affect 1930s movies had on fashion.

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