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(Above)"The Flapper": In this 1920s chick flick, the beautiful Olive Thomas, age 25 at the time, plays a 16-year-old Ginger King, who pretends to be a flapper. These 1920s movies, and Thomas's look in the film, embodied the styles that were all the rage at the time from the short bob haircut to the cloche hats to the short-skirted flapper dresses. Scroll down for more.

The KidThe Kid

(Above)"The Kid" (1921): Though perhaps not a direct inspiration to mainstream fashion, Charlie Chaplin's tramp costume made him the most recognized silent film star of the 1920s movies. Chaplin has been quoted saying that he created the costume last-minute, when he was in a hurry to get on set. He grabbed the big baggy pants, cane, vest, tie, bowler hat, and toothbrush mustache and made his first appearance as the tramp in "Kid Auto Races at Venice" in 1914, though the tramp became widely recognized after the release of "The Kid" in 1921.

Show People....Show People

(Above)"Show People" (1928): This romantic comedy is filled with interesting costumes iconic of 1920s fashion. Actress Marion Davies is the definition of pristine, William Haines sporting the classic wool suits and French berets of the 1920s.

Pandoras Box

(Above)"Pandora's Box" (1929): Louise Brooks was a huge fashion icon in the 1920s, due to her very popular and sexy flapper image throughout the 1920s. When she played Lulu in "Pandora's Box", her famous Buster Brown haircut and revealing gowns made a huge impact on the world of fashion. To this day, some still refer to that hairstyle as "the Lulu".

(no photo)"The Scarlet Letter" (1926)(no photo): In this 1920s movie, at age thirty-two, Lillian Gish plays Hester Prynne in "The Scarlet Letter", set in Puritan Boston. In the era of the flapper, it was risky for Gish to go in such a different direction with her bonnet and laced pilgrim dress, but Gish was passionate about the story and wanted to tell a tale of Puritan repression. As she was getting older, she was forced to make way for the younger flapper movie stars like Greta Garbo and Louise Brooks. This was a daring move for Gish, breaking all the rules in fashion and disregarding the trends to tell a story.

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