1920s Fashion

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Voting, smoking, dressing up, throwing out the girdle

1920s Fashion

When World War I ended in 1918, the country took on a whole new outlook. By the 1920s, everyone had been drenched by a wave of optimism. There was a revolution, and it included fashion.

There was also prohibition; which sparked a rebellion, and the start of the mafia and organized crime. When alcohol became illegal, there was no way people were going to stop drinking. So people stopped taking the law seriously, and felt empowered by the idea that they could rebel against it. This led to the throwing away of the corset and constricting underwear.

In 1920, women won the right to vote and started entering the work force in record numbers. They were wearing more form- fitted clothes, like the tubular dress the decade is famous for. Breast binding also became popular during this era; with thin, flat-chested models appearing in Vogue.

With the end of World War I and a rebellious liberal mentality, it was a time of celebration. And with celebration comes dancing. Dancing became a huge part of 1920s culture. It made women feel sexy, which made them want to look sexy. Women were showing their legs for the first time. Pleats, ruffles, furs, feathers, jewels and makeup were popular too. Women were really getting their footing in the 20s. Voting, smoking, dressing up, throwing out the girdle. It was all part of the revolution.

Below are some 20's inspired patterns, clothing, costumes, doll patterns and accessories.

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